AlSentis® Water Immunity Breakthroughs

Holland, Michigan, USA – AlSentis® has announced breakthroughs in its AlSentis® HSS™ touch sensing technology that lead to a new level of water immunity for electric field touch. 

The company has released a video demonstrating the significant immunity to water and other contaminants that typically cripple electric field touch technologies:   

VIDEO: AlSentis® HSS™ Touch Technology 5 Button Lab - Water & Contamination Immunity

Dave Caldwell, CEO & CTO of AlSentis said, “With the recent advancements in our HSS technology, we have not only unlocked a more dependable user input experience in challenging environments, but we have done so in a way that reduces current consumption, increases response time, and makes integration easier. We are very excited about where the technology is and where it is heading!”

AlSentis® HSS™ uses touch signatures to identify exactly when a surface touch occurs without using pre-determined capacitive thresholds, allowing it to inherently overcome variance, such as surface changes, wearing gloves or materials variations.  Because of this novel sensing technology, touch systems can be implemented more quickly, with more reliability in more challenging environments.

AlSentis® HSS™ touch technology is currently in production in automotive interior applications in American sports cars. 

About AlSentis

AlSentis, LLC is an innovator in touch technology and integration techniques, with deep portfolio of intellectual property spanning nearly twenty years in the technology of touch sensing.  AlSentis®, HSS™, and the AlSentis brand are properties of AlSentis, LLC. For more information, visit the AlSentis® website at www.AlSentis.com