AlSentis® HSS™ Discrete Touch Chipsets
HSS Touch Studio™

HSS™ Touch Studio™ is a simple and elegant Integrated Development Environment (IDE) through which designers can play with various configurations for HSS™ chipsets to get familiar with the technology and test various chipset configurations.  The AlSentis® HSS™ Touch Studio includes IDE Software that runs on a PC and manages the entire development environment and an I2C to USB Bridge with USB cable that allows the PC to communicate with the HSS™ chipset.


Note: HSS™ Touch Studio™ is designed to work with all standard HSS™ chipsets for discrete touch.



HSS Chipset Personality Kits

Unique HSS™ Chipset Personality Kits are designed to work in conjunction with HSS Touch Studio™ to support the development of HSS™ touch technology integrated solutions. Personality Kits include a board with a specific AlSentis® HSS™ chipset that connects to the HSS™ Touch Studio I2C Converter and either a sample evaluation touch button panel or a customer-design touch button panel. For discrete touch standard products, customers will be able to order a variety of HSS™ Chipset Personality Kits without being required to re-purchase HSS™ Touch Studio.

Several AlSentis® HSS Development Kits are available today! For ordering information and quotations on pricing and availability, please contact AlSentis.

HSS Development Kits and HSS
chipsets are now available